Forensic Services

Forensic / Court

Dr. Milburn provides evaluation, testing, and reports for the court system. She is often ordered by surrounding courts to provide psychological evaluations for adults and juveniles in the court system, psychotherapy for individuals involved with civil or criminal court cases, child-custody evaluations, and social studies during disputed custody cases so that the court will have additional information about what might be in the best interest of the child / children involved. She has received additional training in these areas, is a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners, and has Fellow status with the American Board of Psychological Specialties in the areas of Child Custody Evaluations, Psychological Assessment, Evaluation and Testing, and Neuropsychological Testing. This service to the community is difficult for most mental health professionals because it sometimes involves making recommendations that can have a significant impact on the individuals involved. Because of the nature of the custody work, one or more family members are often pleased with the services provided while one or more family members are angered and distressed with the services provided. Dr. Milburn does her best to try to provide objective, professional, and competent work in this area. Individuals who have contact with her in court-ordered situations need to be aware that there is no confidentiality in regards to their interactions with her unless the court has specifically ordered some form of confidentiality to be allowed.

Consultation / Supervision

Dr. Milburn also provides consultation services for attorneys and individuals who request assistance with understanding the role of psychologists in the legal system, review and explanations of psychological testing results and the underlying meaning of those results, and developing a strategy to helping the individual client or the family system in resolving identified problems. Consultation is also available for other mental health professionals who find themselves needing additional supervision for the services they are providing in the area of forensic services or in their pursuit of obtaining the needed training / supervision in the general areas of psychology to secure a license to practice in the state of Texas.

The above psychological services are strictly confidential and the treatment provided in Dr. Milburn’s office remains private between the patient and the doctor unless releases of information are provided by the patient or where confidentiality is prohibited by law, such as during specific types of legal cases.

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