Psychological Services


Dr. Milburn provides individual, marital, and family psychotherapy for a variety of issues. Her current mental health services include using a variety of therapeutic tools to assist with improving or resolving problems with clinical depression, bipolar depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias, grief / bereavement, obsessive-compulsive disorders, personality disorders, stress management problems, adjustment problems, sexual abuse / traumas, anger management problems, divorce issues, alcohol / substance abuse problems, anorexia / bulimia, gay or lesbian issues, gender identity issues, sexual addictions, sexual dysfunctions, marital / relationship issues, attention deficit disorders, and many other disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. When needed, Dr. Milburn offers psychological and neuropsychological assessment, evaluation, and testing to determine the specific nature of personality, emotional, behavioral, educational, and neuropsychological functioning that impacts an individual and will assist in developing a treatment plan for promoting the improvement of overall mental and behavioral health. She also provides additional services such as conflict resolution (between individuals, family members, small groups or business relationships), career coaching, professional and personal growth counseling, and counseling in the area of sports psychology.

Adolescents / Children

Dr. Milburn provides therapy for children and adolescents ranging in age from three years through adulthood using a combination of play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, and family therapy to address issues in this group of clients. She believes that the family system is a vital part of working with this population and encourages an interactive approach to providing the best services possible. When needed, psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluations, working with school teachers / staff, attending meetings for treatment plan development, and helping the entire family system understand and assist with positive changes occurs. Psychotherapy addresses all of the same issues that are treated for adults, but also includes problems unique to children such as educational problems, poor school performance, behavioral acting out, problematic self-esteem, ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders, poor decision-making, peer / bullying issues, and divorce adjustment.

The above psychological services are strictly confidential and the treatment provided in Dr. Milburn’s office remains private between the patient and the doctor unless releases of information are provided by the patient or where confidentiality is prohibited by law, such as during specific types of legal cases.

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