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Dr. Donna R. Milburn is a licensed psychologist who received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that involves integrating the practical application of research findings and the study of human behavior into the fields of mental and physical health. Experienced in psychotherapy, psychometric assessment, and forensic assessment with a variety of patients including adults, adolescents, and children, Dr. Milburn has established a private practice that provides services in all of these areas. Her practice is located in Plano, Texas where she offers individual, marital/couples, and family therapy for adults, adolescents, and children as well as providing divorce counseling, court-ordered psychological evaluations, and other assessments related to mental health functioning.

Who is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is a person who has received training in the areas of mental health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of emotional, relationship, and behavioral difficulties that impact an individual’s or a family’s life. Psychologists, after graduating from college, spend an average of an additional seven years in training before receiving a doctorate degree. In the state of Texas, an independently practicing psychologist must pass an extensive licensing exam that involves both a written test over all areas of psychology and an oral exam involving actual patient vignettes and pass a jurisprudence exam showing knowledge of the laws governing the practice of psychology. A psychologist must also provide the licensing board with documentation of successful completion of the education necessary to practice psychology competently. A psychologist is required to continue education and document the continuing education hours with the state to demonstrate that he/she is maintaining a current understanding of the research and new information related to the field of human behavioral management and functioning. Psychologists are exclusively trained to use psychological assessment measures to diagnosis problems, strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s personality and/or emotional functioning. This mental health professional has the ability to assess an individual’s, couple’s, or family’s needs and to design a treatment plan that can assist with improving problems that may exist.

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Dr. Donna Milburn
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